James David Shewey was born in Merced, California to Jerry and Vicki Shewey Shewey on Feburary 24th, 1986. James always showed a strong curiosity for how things work. This curiosity fueled James to build his first computer at age 13 and earn his A+ certification at age 16.

After selling his successful shooting range and firearm sale and repair business James' father (Jerry) went to work for Dave Shewey (James' Grandfather) as the leader of the maintenance team for Dave's flourishing rental management and real estate company in Merced. James has been fortunate to learn the troubleshooting and handyman skills that are a hallmark of his father's professions, and to share his father's mechanical inclination. These skills that were taught to James by his father have served James well in the computer field. It was also James' father (and the family business) that was responsible for James building his first computer when Jerry brought home some computers abandoned by moving tenants. It was the parts from these computers that allowed James to assemble his first computer and provided the soil for James' love of computers to grow.